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District Planning

Development projects are implemented in accordance with statutory or departmental district plans. These plans aim to regulate and provide guidance to development in terms of land use, building density and development characteristics, and to ensure that they are in line with the planning objectives of the districts.

Statutory Planning

Established under the Town Planning Ordinance, the Town Planning Board (TPB) is responsible for preparing statutory plans for the use of land in specific areas. The broad plan covers the use of land for major roads and transport systems, and provides statutory planning controls in the form of land zoning and specification of development parameters. There are two types of statutory plans: outline zoning plans and development permission area plans.

Development permission area plans are similar to outline zoning plans except that they are interim plans. They cover rural areas of the New Territories and they are eventually replaced by outline zoning plans. Development scheme plans prepared by the former Land Development Corporation and its successor, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), also require approval by the TPB.

In 2006, one outline zoning plan, one development permission area plan and two Urban Renewal Authority development scheme plans were published by the TPB. The TPB also amended 41 statutory plans. At year-end, there were 108 outline zoning plans, one development permission area plan, eight Land Development Corporation development scheme plans and five Urban Renewal Authority development scheme plans.

The authority to approve statutory plan rests with the Chief Executive in Council. During the year, 48 statutory plans were submitted to the Chief Executive in Council for approval.

A set of notes is attached to each statutory plan, indicating the uses in particular zones that are always permitted and others for which the TPB's permission must be sought. In 2006, the TPB considered 787 applications for planning permission and reviewed its decisions on 111 planning applications.

Applicants who are unhappy with the decisions of the TPB may lodge appeals with the independent Town Planning Appeal Board. The appeal board heard 15 cases in 2006: seven were dismissed, two were allowed and six are yet to be decided.

The TPB also promulgates guidelines for applications for developments in areas covered by statutory plans. In 2006, it promulgated one set of new guidelines and six sets of revised guidelines. By year-end, there were 29 sets of guidelines.

Departmental Plans

At district level, the District Planning Offices of the Planning Department prepare departmental outline development plans and layout plans for individual districts or planning areas to show the planned land uses, development restrictions and transport networks in greater detail. There were 77 outline development plans and 298 layout plans covering Hong Kong in 2006.

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