Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 11:
Housing Policy
Institutional Framework
Public Rental Housing
Home Ownership
Housing for Groups
in Special Need
Housing Supply
Private Sector Housing
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Following a comprehensive review and extensive public consultation, the Hong Kong Housing Authority endorsed in November 2006 a new mechanism for determining how the rents of public rental housing are to be adjusted. The mechanism is income-based and provides for upward and downward adjustments in domestic rents according to changes in tenants' household income. Suitable amendments to the Housing Ordinance will be introduced to effect the new mechanism.

In December 2006, the total housing stock in Hong Kong amounted to 2 473 900 flats, comprising 715 700 public rental housing flats1, 397 800 subsidised home ownership flats and 1 360 300 flats in the private sector. About 30 per cent of Hong Kong's population live in public rental housing flats with another 18 per cent in subsidised home ownership flats.

1Including public rental housing and interim housing flats operated by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and rental flats operated by the Hong Kong Housing Society.
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