Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 12:
Land, Public Works and Utilities
Planning for Hong Kong
Land Supply
Building Safety and
Organisational Framework
The Town Planning
Hong Kong Planning
Standards and Guidelines
Territorial Development Strategy
Sub-regional Development Strategies
District Planning
Urban Renewal
Planning Studies
Urban Development Areas
New Towns
Building Development
Land Administration
Land Acquisition
Land Disposal
Land Management and
Lease Enforcement
Government Conveyancing
Survey and Mapping
Land Registration
Land Registry Business Volume in 2006
Drainage Services
Civil Engineering
Water Supplies
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Hong Kong Planning
Standards and Guidelines

The Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines (HKPSG) are part of a government manual of criteria for determining the scale, location and site requirements of various land uses and facilities applicable to planning studies, town plans and development control. They are constantly under review to take account of changes in government policies, demographic characteristics and social and economic trends. During the year, the planning standards and guidelines for pre-primary services and public mortuaries, recreational facilities, and parking standards for cars and bicycles in residential developments were revised. A new set of planning standards and guidelines on air ventilation was also incorporated into the HKPSG.















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