Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 9:
Food Safety, Environmental Hygiene, Agriculture and Fisheries
Organisational Framework
Public Cleansing Services
Abatement of Sanitary Nuisances
Pest Control
Cemeteries and Crematoria
Food and Other
Trade Licensing
Food Safety and Labelling
Enhanced Measures against Avian Influenza
Retail and Cooked Food Markets
Public Education
Primary Production
Agriculture Industry
Fisheries Industry
Wholesale Markets
Veterinary Services and
Animal Management
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Because Hong Kong gets almost all its food from elsewhere, the authorities are more watchful than most about food safety. The Government has in place a wide array of measures to make sure that what people eat and drink is safe.

Environmental hygiene is another round-the-clock watch. Again, there is a store of safeguards to protect the community from pervasive diseases. Hong Kong continues to fortify itself well on the health front.








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