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Chapter 12:
Land, Public Works and Utilities
Planning for Hong Kong
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Organisational Framework
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Hong Kong Planning
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New Towns
Building Development
Land Administration
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Land Disposal
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Land Registration
Land Registry Business Volume in 2006
Drainage Services
Civil Engineering
Water Supplies
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Planning for Hong Kong

Strategic town planning provides an important framework for the future development of Hong Kong. To this end, the Government is finalising the Hong Kong 2030 Study which will provide a planning framework for the longer-term development of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Government maintains close liaison with the Guangdong authorities on planning matters under the Hong Kong-Guangdong Cooperation Joint Conference. To strengthen the physical connection between Hong Kong and Shenzhen to tie in with the economic and infrastructural development of both places, the Government started a joint study with the Shenzhen Municipal Government on a new corridor to be built at Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai. The study was set up to establish the need, function and benefits of the corridor. At the same time, the Government has been carrying out an internal planning study to examine the relevant planning, environmental and engineering issues of the new cross-boundary control point, including its connecting roads and land requirements within Hong Kong's territory.












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