Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 12:
Land, Public Works and Utilities
Planning for Hong Kong
Land Supply
Building Safety and
Organisational Framework
The Town Planning
Hong Kong Planning
Standards and Guidelines
Territorial Development Strategy
Sub-regional Development Strategies
District Planning
Urban Renewal
Planning Studies
Urban Development Areas
New Towns
Building Development
Land Administration
Land Acquisition
Land Disposal
Land Management and
Lease Enforcement
Government Conveyancing
Survey and Mapping
Land Registration
Land Registry Business Volume in 2006
Drainage Services
Civil Engineering
Water Supplies
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Organisational Framework

The Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works is responsible for the delivery of public works projects in a cost-effective manner and the formulation of policies on slope safety, water supply, flood control, construction site safety and greening. The Secretary also oversees, and has policy responsibility for the activities of the six Works Departments — Architectural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Drainage Services Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Highways Department and Water Supplies Department. In addition, the Secretary oversees the operation of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund.

The Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands is responsible for formulation of policies on housing, planning, lands and buildings. On the planning and lands side, the Secretary oversees the operation of four departments: Planning Department, Buildings Department, Lands Department, and Land Registry. The Secretary also oversees part of the work of the Civil Engineering and Development Department and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.

Planning Work

The Planning Department is responsible for preparing the different types of town plans which contain guidelines for the proper use and development of land with the aim of making Hong Kong a better place in which to live and work. These plans provide a wide range of development strategies — for the entire territory as well as for individual districts. The bureau also keeps under constant review the Town Planning Ordinance and the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines.







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