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Recreation, Sport and the Arts
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Green Promotion/Initiatives

Green Hong Kong Campaign

To enhance public awareness of the importance of 'greening' the environment, various community involvement projects and educational activities were organised in 2003. These included the District Green Hong Kong Ambassadors Scheme, community planting days, Greening Hong Kong Activities Subsidy Scheme, theme flower shows, horticultural courses and seminars. The Greening School Subsidy Scheme was also organised to promote greening initiatives at schools and it attracted the participation of 746 schools and kindergartens. In addition, 40 schools took part in the 'School Planting Plot in Park' Scheme and made arrangement for some of their students to practise gardening under the guidance of LCSD staff and their teachers. A total of 276 500 students from 934 schools participated in the 'One Person, One Flower' Programme in which impatiens seedlings were distributed to students for growing at home or in schools. The Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development was launched in December to promote greening in private property developments.

Hong Kong Flower Show

The Hong Kong Flower Show, an annual region-wide event, is organised for the enjoyment of the public and to promote a green culture in society. Participants range from horticultural associations and floral art clubs — both local and from the Mainland — to green groups, District Councils, schools and members of the public. The show has been growing in size, content and popularity every year. Apart from numerous pleasing landscape displays, artistic floral arrangements and colourful horticultural exhibits, the show provides many other fringe activities. These include talks and seminars, demonstrations, guided tours, musical and cultural performances, photographic and drawing competitions, horticultural workshops and family fun games. In addition, various types of plants and horticultural products are put on sale in commercial stalls inside the showground. More than 130 local and overseas horticultural organisations from 11 countries took part in the 2003 show held in March at Victoria Park, attracting a record attendance of over 550 000 visitors. For the first time in the history of the Flower Show, some 500 students and teachers joined hands and derived much enjoyment in preparing a 600-square-metre 'mosaiculture' display. The display was made up of 35 000 flowers of 20 species. It was designed in a 'Dreamy Wonderland' theme with features including colourful trees, a watermelon house, a beautiful butterfly, a snail, an earthworm burrowing out of the ground and mushrooms. The display proved to be a major attraction.

Horticulture and Landscape Services/Projects

The LCSD is responsible for improving the environment of Hong Kong through the planting of ornamental trees and shrubs in public gardens and roadside amenity areas, and the preservation of trees. It maintains all public open spaces in the form of parks, gardens, sports grounds, football pitches and children's playgrounds, and also amenity plots and soft landscape plantings alongside highways and public roads. The services provided include landscape planting, horticultural research, tree maintenance and conservation. During the year, the department planted 40 000 trees as well as three million shrubs and seasonal flowers at these places and carried out landscape improvement projects for 33 hectares of park land and roadside amenity areas, including footbridges.

Beautification of Footbridges

To enhance urban greenery and improve the environment of existing footbridges, the LCSD initiated an improvement programme at footbridges located in various districts by planting flowering plants in portable planters. The programme was completed in December, covering 19 footbridges at a cost of $1.52 million.

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