Hong Kong 2003
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Recreation, Sport and the Arts
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Visual Arts Groups

1A Group

1A Group was established by a group of local art workers in 1998. Its objective is to promote research and creative works concerning international and local contemporary art. During the year, major exhibitions organised by the 1A Group included Tree · Man, Frame Work and Video Cafe.

Artist Commune

Artist Commune was established in 1997. It is devoted to the establishment of a new Asian art network with Hong Kong as the centre. In 2003, it organised exhibitions entitled Via Cattle Depot ... (The Artist Village) and sARTs.

Asia Art Archive

Established in 2000, the Asia Art Archive is dedicated to cataloguing and preserving materials on Asian contemporary art. To raise awareness of and stimulate interest in contemporary local and regional art, it launched in 2003 an online database/catalogue and carried out research and collated related materials on artists based in Hong Kong, the Mainland, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Hong Kong Society for Education in Art

The Hong Kong Society for Education in Art was established in 1982. It promotes the development of visual arts education in schools and in the community. During the year, the society initiated and organised Art in Teaching 2003: Teachers' Art-works and Interactive Creation by Teachers and Students and Visual Culture Teaching Training Course. It also published a CD-ROM on Integrative Learning and Life-wide Learning Project: Design a School-based Art Teaching Unit.

Para/Site Art Space

Para/Site Art Space was established in 1996. It promotes multi-disciplinary projects and contemporary local arts by organising exhibitions for both emerging and established artists. It participated in the 50th Venice Biennale in June. Its exhibitions included Housewarming and Did you know that Hong Kong was still last night?

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