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Outward Bound Hong Kong

Outward Bound Hong Kong is a registered charity established in 1970. The Outward Bound organisation is the world leader and originator of outdoor experiential education which, after some 60 years, is now operating more than 50 schools in over 30 countries.

With a mission 'to help people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings', Outward Bound provides training for people from all walks of life. Participants include executives, managers, professionals, civil servants, general staff, students and teachers as well as the underprivileged and people who need special attention. The training aims at fostering confidence, responsibility, independent and creative thinking, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills, interpersonal relationships and social responsibility.

Outward Bound uses the experiential learning model that is 'learning-by-doing' through the process of 'plan, do, review, apply'. The outdoors is the classroom, resembling the changing and unpredictable world. Through involving close-knit teams in different learning activities and problem-solving situations, participants experience a series of physical, mental, social and emotional challenges. As a result of these real personal experiences and continuous reviews and reflection under trainers' guidance, participants are able to gain insights and learn skills that eventually can apply to work and real-life situations. Every year, more than 6 000 people join the courses.

The Tai Mong Tsai headquarters in Sai Kung and the Wong Wan Chau training base in Double Haven, Mirs Bay, have a total capacity of 174. Training facilities such as sailing boats, kayaks, ropes course, rock wall and a jetty are maintained to international standard to ensure training safety.

Public courses designed with different training objectives have been run for 30 years to serve people of different ages and needs. International courses covering the Mainland's 'Silk Road', Japan, Sabah and Nepal are also organised for those who wish to engage in cross-cultural experiences.

In cooperation with schools, universities and various charitable organisations, Outward Bound continues to deliver programmes for students, teachers, social workers and many others. Such programmes are gaining in popularity as they can contribute to the all-round development of individuals, helping to create motivated, caring and competent community leaders.

Two courses subsidised by the Government's Continuing Education Fund with the objective of strengthening employees' capabilities and developing their teamwork skills are provided for the public. The courses emphasise the development of important skills and attitudes that enable employees to deal with today's challenges, and to become more capable and better working partners.

A wide variety of customised programmes are also designed for groups from corporations, government departments and special groups including the mentally and physically disabled, the socially deprived, youth at risk and former drug addicts. These programmes aim at helping the physical, mental and social development of individuals.

Outward Bound Hong Kong continues to support the corporate programmes and activities of Outward Bound China, by providing professional trainers and resources.

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