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Recreation, Sport and the Arts
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Recreation and Sports Programmes

With the aim of promoting sport at all levels of the community, the LCSD organised some 27 600 recreation and sports programmes for over 1 620 000 participants of all ages and abilities in 2003. The total cost of these programmes was $105 million.

District Sports Teams

In order to generate more community interest in sport and enhance a stronger sense of belonging among residents, the LCSD — with the assistance of the respective National Sports Associations — set up district sports teams in basketball, football, badminton and table tennis in the 18 districts. About 4 000 youngsters participated in 408 activities organised in 2003.

'Healthy Exercise for All' Campaign

To enhance public awareness of the importance of exercising regularly in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, the LCSD and the Department of Health continued to co-organise the 'Healthy Exercise for All' Campaign. Fitness schemes and roving exhibitions promoted the message of 'daily exercise keeps us fit, people of all ages can do it'. In 2003, over 85 000 people took part in some 1 500 programmes.

Region-wide Events

The Corporate Games, aimed specially at the working population, attracted 9 500 participants from 210 industrial and commercial organisations in 11 activities. The Masters Games, held for the 35 and above age group, attracted about 2 100 participants in five competitions. The three region-wide Age Group Competitions, which aimed to encourage people of all ages to take part in sports activities, attracted over 16 000 participants.

Young Athletes Training Scheme

With the assistance of the respective National Sports Associations, 812 activities were organised under the Young Athletes Training Scheme, which provided training in badminton, table tennis, football, basketball and swimming at district level for more than 22 100 participants. Talented young players were referred to the relevant National Sports Associations for further training.

School Sports Programme

The School Sports Programme is a sports promotion scheme specifically designed for students. The programme aims at providing more opportunities for primary, secondary and special school students to participate in sport. To raise the standard of sport in schools, progressive training is provided for students with potential in sport. The School Sports Programme comprises five subsidiary programmes, namely Sport Education Programme, Easy Sport Programme, Outreach Coaching Programme, Sport Captain Programme and Joint School Sport Training Programme. In 2003, about 5 400 sports activities were organised for 418 800 students from 1 000 schools. The LCSD will work closely with schools and National Sports Associations to improve the programme and to serve more schools and students.

Community Sports Club Project

The Community Sports Club Project was implemented in partnership with the National Sports Associations. It aims to provide sports development opportunities for young players, enhance the standard of sport at community level and promote lifelong participation in sport. During the year, 176 community sports clubs joined the project. A total of $3 million was spent on 645 sports training programmes for 17 300 participants. Seminars and management development programmes were organised for 568 sports volunteers with a view to improving the administration of the clubs.

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