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Hong Kong Arts Development Council

The Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) was established by ordinance in 1995 to plan, promote and support the broad development of the arts including literary, performing, visual and film arts as well as arts education in Hong Kong.

In addition to providing financial assistance to local artists and arts organisations, the HKADC is dedicated to creating a conducive environment for arts development. During the year, the HKADC, in collaboration with various public and private organisations as well as government departments, organised a variety of projects, with the aim of bringing the arts closer to the public. These included the 4th Hong Kong Literature Festival, jointly organised with the LCSD; the Hong Kong Book Fair, co-presented with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council; the Art Boutiques, co-organised with the MTR Property Management; the Arts Education Expo, organised in association with the Hong Kong Heritage Museum; Gallery Ferry, jointly organised with the LCSD's Art Promotion Office, New World First Ferry Services Ltd and New World First Bus Services Ltd; and the Arts Appreciation Zone, a regular newspaper column jointly presented with Ming Pao.

The introduction of the 'Artwork on Loan' Scheme was a milestone in promoting the arts in Hong Kong. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Central Library, the HKADC pioneered an innovative lending service, allowing members of the public to borrow over 100 pieces of reproductions by 27 local artists. Besides individual and group borrowers, the council also encouraged schools to invite artists to host in-house arts appreciation activities and workshops in order to stimulate a greater interest in art among students. Over 100 pieces of artwork are lent out every month.

In April, the HKADC organised the 27th Hong Kong International Film Festival. During the 16-day programme, a total of 330 films from more than 40 countries were screened. Twenty selected films were also shown in Macau concurrently. In addition, 55 fringe events were organised including seminars, exhibitions and 'Meet the Audience' activities. More than 220 000 people attended the festival.

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