Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 14:
The Environment
Administrative Framework
Pollution Prevention
Cross-boundary Cooperation
Legislation and Pollution Control
Air Pollution
Indoor Air Quality
Water Quality and Sewerage
Waste Management
Government Laboratory
Terrestrial Fauna
Marine Fauna
Legislation and Nature Conservation
Protected Areas
Topography and Geology
Hydrography and Oceanography
Meteorological Services
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Administrative Framework

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD), under the Environment, Transport and Works Bureau, has overall responsibility for protecting the environment, which includes nature conservation. It executes environmental policies, vets environmental planning and assessment findings, enforces and reviews environmental laws, plans and develops facilities for liquid and solid waste disposal and promotes environmental management, auditing and reporting. It also promotes environmental awareness in the community.

The EPD receives professional support from several government departments and advice from the Advisory Council on the Environment, which comprises 15 members appointed by the Chief Executive, including members from environmental non-governmental organisations, business groups, academic institutions and professional bodies.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) is the main agency for nature and wildlife conservation. The Planning Department plans future land use (including conservation zoning) and controls developments across Hong Kong. The Drainage Services Department designs, builds, operates and maintains sewerage and sewage treatment facilities. The Civil Engineering and Development Department provides outlets for the reuse of inert construction and demolition material. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department promotes the efficient use and conservation of energy. The Marine Department clears floating refuse and oil in the sea and enforces the law governing oil pollution.

Government spending on the environment in 2006-07 was budgeted at $5.66 billion, or about 2.14 per cent of total public expenditure.


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