Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 11:
Housing Policy
Institutional Framework
Public Rental Housing
Home Ownership
Housing for Groups
in Special Need
Housing Supply
Private Sector Housing
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Housing Policy

The Statement on Housing Policy announced by the Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands in 2002 sets out the following three major guiding principles of the Government's housing policy:

  The focus of the Government's subsidised housing policy should be on the provision of assistance to low-income families which cannot afford private rental accommodation;
The Government should minimise its intervention in the private property market; and
The Government should maintain a fair and stable operating environment for the private property market by ensuring adequate land supply and the provision of an efficient supporting infrastructure.

Pursuant to the Government's policy, the principal mission of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA)2 is to provide subsidised public rental housing to those who cannot afford rented accommodation in the private market. It has ceased the provision of home ownership assistance schemes and divested itself of its 180 retail and car parking facilities through the listing of The Link Real Estate Investment Trust in November 2005.

2The HKHA, established in 1973, is a statutory body responsible for implementing the majority of Hong Kong's public housing programmes. The HKHA provides public rental housing to low-income families which cannot afford private rental accommodation. It also runs interim housing and transit centres to provide temporary accommodation to families facing short-term problems in finding suitable accommodation.
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