Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 11:
Housing Policy
Institutional Framework
Public Rental Housing
Home Ownership
Housing for Groups
in Special Need
Housing Supply
Private Sector Housing
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Institutional Framework

The Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands is the Principal Official responsible for overall housing matters. He has also been appointed Chairman of the HKHA to help forge closer cooperation between the HKHA and the Government in the provision of public housing services. He is supported by the Permanent Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands (Housing), who also assumes the office of the Director of Housing and heads the Housing Department.

The Housing Department integrates the policy and operational responsibilities of providing public rental housing and assessing eligibility for public housing assistance. It continues to provide secretariat and executive support to the HKHA and its committees. The department also monitors developments in the private housing market and oversees policy matters relating to the regulation of estate agents.




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