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Land, Public Works and Utilities
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Survey and Mapping

The Survey and Mapping Office provides various survey and mapping services for land, building and engineering developments in Hong Kong. Specifically, it provides maps and aerial photographs, land boundary survey service for land administration, and aerial survey and photogrammetric service for specific purposes in addition to general mapping. It also establishes and maintains the territory-wide Geodetic Network which provides a unique geographical positioning reference system. It administers the Land Survey Ordinance, which governs the conduct and practice of Authorised Land Surveyors, and controls the standard of land boundary survey in land subdivision. It is delegated with the authority to name roads and streets under the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance, and to name geographical places on request. To fulfil these functions effectively and efficiently, the office has set up a Land Information Centre housing a computerised land information system and its sub-systems and databases. The Basic Mapping System provides the 1:1 000 basic digital mapping covering all of Hong Kong. The Cadastral Information System records all land boundaries for identifying land parcels.

During the year, the office established a Territorial Continuous Global Positioning System Array with six GPS reference stations for accurate and efficient 3-D positioning. Six more of these stations will be set up in the near future. When fully operational, the system will greatly facilitate survey operations.

The Basic Mapping System contains updated digital map databases of graphic map features with attribute information. Licences and permits are issued to private organisations to use the databases to develop their own applications, map products and websites. Utility companies, engineering consultants, computing system consultants and education institutes use the databases for applications involving automated mapping, facilities management, customer support and geographical information systems.

The Computerised Map Archives Retrieval System enables people to search and inspect map and aerial photograph archives. Two kiosks have been set up for public use at the headquarters of the Survey and Mapping Office. More kiosks will be installed at other map sales outlets.

Moreover, the office has developed a new series of digital orthophoto images covering the entire territory. This is a technology that enables map users to see a close to reality simulation. (Details of the office's map products and services can be accessed at the Lands Department's website).

In December, the office acquired ISO900 1:2 000 certification accredited by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.

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