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Sub-regional Development Strategies

These strategies serve as a bridge between the TDS and district plans. They translate the territorial goals into more specific planning objectives for the five sub-regions of Hong Kong, namely the Metro Area, North-East New Territories (NENT), North-West New Territories (NWNT), South-East New Territories (SENT) and South-West New Territories (SWNT). Extensive public consultation has been carried out to collect views on these strategies in view of their significant implications for the long-term planning framework for the respective sub-regions.

The Metroplan Review Study is intended to produce an updated planning framework for the development and redevelopment of the Metro Area for 2016 and beyond. The study includes a review of the 1993 Kowloon Density Study. The review study was completed in March 2003. In parallel, the Planning Study on the Harbour and its Waterfront Areas which aims at developing a planning framework for guiding future developments around Victoria Harbour was also completed in March.

The integrated planning and development studies on NENT and NWNT have been completed. The studies have identified and established the feasibility of developing Kwu Tung North, Fanling North and Hung Shui Kiu as the new development areas.

To follow up the recommendations of the SWNT Recommended Development Strategy, promulgated in 2001, an integrated planning and engineering feasibility study for Mui Wo and South Lantau is being carried out to formulate a preferred land use scheme for the area which would balance development and conservation needs in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.

The SENT Development Strategy Review was also completed in 2001. It provides a broad planning framework for the long-term development of SENT with a view to enhancing the sub-region as the 'Leisure Garden of Hong Kong' by promoting conservation, enhancing visitor attractions and achieving a sustainable level of development. Detailed planning based on the strategic planning framework at district level is being undertaken.

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