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Land, Public Works and Utilities
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Urban Development Areas

Construction works and feasibility studies on new urban development areas generally follow the broad pattern of land use and guidelines in the Metroplan, and integrate with the replanning and redevelopment of adjoining old areas in a coordinated manner. The Territory Development Department (TDD) is conducting detailed design of several major reclamation projects to provide new land for growth, to decant existing population and to provide or upgrade facilities to allow for the redevelopment of old and run-down areas.

Hong Kong Island

The Central and Wan Chai Reclamation extends along the waterfront from Sheung Wan to Causeway Bay. Three of the five reclamation phases have been completed — the Central Reclamation Phases I and II, and the Wan Chai Reclamation Phase I. The comprehensive feasibility study for the Wan Chai Development Phase II was completed in August 2001.

The construction of the Central Reclamation Phase III commenced in February. This phase, together with the other phases of the Central and Wan Chai Reclamation, will accommodate strategic road and rail links along the north shore of Hong Kong Island between the Central and Eastern Districts. The TPB has requested the Government to undertake a comprehensive planning and engineering review of the reclamation under the Wan Chai Development Phase II as a result of the High Court's judgement on the judicial review of the TPB's decision in respect of the draft Wan Chai North Outline Zoning Plan.

On the eastern side of Hong Kong Island, the Aldrich Bay development has produced some 28 hectares of land for private and public housing, open space and other uses to house about 30 000 people. Construction of roads and major infrastructure was completed in late 2003.

The Cyberport, Hong Kong's information technology flagship, is being developed on 24 hectares of land at Telegraph Bay in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. The Cyberport is a comprehensive development providing 100 000 square metres of Grade A office accommodation for IT and IT-related companies, a specially designed shopping arcade covering 27 000 square metres and a five-star hotel providing 173 rooms. Phase I and II of the Cyberport were completed in April 2002 and February 2003 respectively, and the remaining two phases will be completed in early and late 2004 respectively. The ancillary residential development, to be completed between 2004 and 2007, will provide about 2 900 units for sale in the open market.

The Southern Access Road and the public transport interchange were opened to the public in April 2002 to coincide with the completion of the first phase of the Cyberport. The other access road, connecting the northern end of the Cyberport with Sha Wan Drive, will be completed in the third quarter of 2004.


The West Kowloon Reclamation provides a total of 340 hectares of land for strategic transport links, commercial development and housing development. It has a current population of about 56 800 which is expected to rise to about 192 000 by 2016. Infrastructure works have been substantially completed, and the final phase of reclamation to provide 13 hectares of land is near completion and remaining roadworks are in progress.

The Comprehensive Feasibility Study for the Revised Scheme of the South-East Kowloon Development (SEKD) was completed in September 2001. The further reduction in the total reclamation area to some 133 hectares and the adoption of environmentally friendly measures have been welcomed by the public. The scheme was translated into two Outline Zoning Plans that were gazetted in July 2001 and authorised in June 2002. The new development area of the SEKD comprises the former Kai Tak airport apron and runway (280 hectares) and new reclamation areas (133 hectares). Detailed design work for some of the infrastructure in the SEKD began in January 2002. However, in the light of the High Court's judgement on the judicial review of the TPB's decisions in respect of the draft Wan Chai North Outline Zoning Plan, the Government has started to review the reclamation scheme of the SEKD to ensure that it meets legal requirements.

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