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Overseas Representation in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Representation
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Appendix 4

Overseas Representation in Hong Kong



Represented by

Albania Honorary Consul
Angola Consul-General
Argentina Consul-General
Australia Consul-General
Austria Consul-General
Bahrain Honorary Consul
Bangladesh Consul-General
Barbados Honorary Consul
Belgium Consul-General
Bhutan Honorary Consul
Brazil Consul-General
Brunei Consul-General
Cambodia Consul-General
Cameroon Honorary Consul
Canada Consul-General
Chile Consul-General
Colombia Consul-General
Congo Honorary Consul
Cote d'Ivoire Honorary Consul
Croatia Honorary Consul
Cuba Honorary Consul
Cyprus Honorary Consul
Czech Republic Consul-General
Democratic Republic of Congo Honorary Consul
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Consul-General
Djibouti Honorary Consul
Egypt Consul-General
Equatorial Guinea Honorary Consul
Ethiopia Honorary Consul
Fiji Honorary Consul
Finland Consul-General
France Consul-General
Gabon Honorary Consul
Germany Consul-General
Ghana Honorary Consul
Greece Consul-General
Grenada Honorary Consul
Guinea Honorary Consul
Hungary Consul-General
Iceland Honorary Consul
India Consul-General
Indonesia Consul-General
Iran Consul-General
Ireland Honorary Consul
Israel Consul-General
Italy Consul-General
Jamaica Honorary Consul
Japan Consul-General
Jordan Honorary Consul
Kazakhstan Consul-General
Kenya Honorary Consul
Korea, Republic of Consul-General
Kuwait Consul-General
Laos Consul-General
Latvia Honorary Consul
Lesotho Honorary Consul
Lithuania Honorary Consul
Luxembourg Honorary Consul
Madagascar Honorary Consul
Malaysia Consul-General
Maldives Honorary Consul
Mali Honorary Consul
Malta Honorary Consul
Mexico Consul-General
Monaco Honorary Consul
Mongolia Honorary Consul
Morocco Honorary Consul
Mozambique Honorary Consul
Myanmar Consul-General
Namibia Honorary Consul
Nepal Consul-General
The Netherlands Consul-General
New Zealand Consul-General
Niger Honorary Consul
Nigeria Consul-General
Oman Honorary Consul
Pakistan Consul-General
Papua New Guinea Honorary Consul
Peru Consul-General
The Philippines Consul-General
Poland Consul-General
Portugal Consul-General
Russia Consul-General
Samoa Honorary Consul
San Marino Honorary Consul
Saudi Arabia Consul-General
Singapore Consul-General
Slovak RepublicHonorary Consul
Slovenia Honorary Consul
South Africa Consul-General
Spain Consul-General
Sri Lanka Honorary Consul
Suriname Honorary Consul
Sweden Consul-General
Switzerland Consul-General
Tanzania Honorary Consul
Thailand Consul-General
Togo Honorary Consul
Tonga Honorary Consul
Trinidad and Tobago Honorary Consul
Tunisia Honorary Consul
Turkey Consul-General
Uganda Honorary Consul
Ukraine Honorary Consul
United Arab Emirates Consul-General
United Kingdom Consul-General
USA Consul-General
Uruguay Honorary Consul
Venezuela Consul-General
Vietnam Consul-General
Yemen Honorary Consul
European Union, Office of the European Commission Head of Office
Bank for International Settlements, Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific Chief Representative
The International Finance Corporation Regional Office for East Asia and Pacific and the World Bank Private Sector Development Office for East Asia and Pacific Regional Director
International Monetary Fund HKSAR Sub-Office Resident Representative
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Sub-Office Head of Sub-Office
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