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The Executive Council
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The Legislative Council
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The District Councils
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Overseas Representation in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Representation
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Table of Contents Constitution and Administration The Legal System The Economy Financial and Monetary Affairs Commerce and Industry Employment Education Health Food Safety, Environmental Hygiene, Agriculture and Fisheries Social Welfare Housing Land, Public Works and Utilities Transport The Environment Travel and Tourism Public Order Communications, the Media and Information Technology Religion and Custom Recreation, Sport and the Arts Population and Immigration History Appendices PRINT
Appendix 2
(Chapter 1: Constitution and Administration)

The Legislative Council

Membership on January 2, 2007


The Honourable Mrs Rita FAN HSU Lai-tai, GBS, JP (Hong Kong Island)


Functional Constituencies

Ir Dr the Honourable Raymond HO Chung-tai, SBS, JP (Engineering)

Dr the Honourable David LI Kwok-po, GBS, JP (Finance)

Dr the Honourable LUI Ming-wah, SBS, JP (Industrial — Second)

The Honourable Margaret NG (Legal)

The Honourable CHEUNG Man-kwong (Education)

The Honourable Bernard C CHAN, GBS, JP (Insurance)

The Honourable Mrs Sophie LEUNG LAU Yau-fun, SBS, JP (Textiles and Garment)

The Honourable SIN Chung-kai, JP (Information Technology)

Dr the Honourable Philip WONG Yu-hong, GBS (Commercial — Second)

The Honourable WONG Yung-kan, JP (Agriculture and Fisheries)

The Honourable Howard YOUNG, SBS, JP (Tourism)

The Honourable LAU Wong-fat, GBM, GBS, JP (District Council)

The Honourable Miriam LAU Kin-yee, GBS, JP (Transport)

The Honourable Timothy FOK Tsun-ting, GBS, JP

(Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication)

The Honourable Abraham SHEK Lai-him, JP (Real Estate and Construction)

The Honourable LI Fung-ying, BBS, JP (Labour)

The Honourable Tommy CHEUNG Yu-yan, JP (Catering)

The Honourable Vincent FANG Kang, JP (Wholesale and Retail)

The Honourable WONG Kwok-hing, MH (Labour)

Dr the Honourable Joseph LEE Kok-long, JP (Health Services)

The Honourable Daniel LAM Wai-keung, SBS, JP (Heung Yee Kuk)

The Honourable Jeffrey LAM Kin-fung, SBS, JP (Commercial — First)

The Honourable Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen, SBS, JP (Industrial — First)

Dr the Honourable KWOK Ka-ki (Medical)

Dr the Honourable Fernando CHEUNG Chiu-hung (Social Welfare)

The Honourable WONG Ting-kwong, BBS (Import and Export)

The Honourable CHIM Pui-chung (Financial Services)

Professor the Honourable Patrick LAU Sau-shing, SBS, JP (Architectural, Surveying and Planning)

The Honourable KWONG Chi-kin (Labour)

The Honourable TAM Heung-man (Accountancy)

Geographical Constituencies

The Honourable James TIEN Pei-chun, GBS, JP (New Territories East)

The Honourable Albert HO Chun-yan (New Territories West)

The Honourable LEE Cheuk-yan (New Territories West)

The Honourable Martin LEE Chu-ming, SC, JP (Hong Kong Island)

The Honourable Fred LI Wah-ming, JP (Kowloon East)

The Honourable Mrs Selina CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee, GBS, JP (New Territories West)

The Honourable James TO Kun-sun (Kowloon West)

The Honourable CHAN Yuen-han, JP (Kowloon East)

The Honourable CHAN Kam-lam, SBS, JP (Kowloon East)

The Honourable LEUNG Yiu-chung (New Territories West)

The Honourable Jasper TSANG Yok-sing, GBS, JP (Kowloon West)

Dr the Honourable YEUNG Sum (Hong Kong Island)

The Honourable LAU Chin-shek, JP (Kowloon West)

The Honourable LAU Kong-wah, JP (New Territories East)

The Honourable Emily LAU Wai-hing, JP (New Territories East)

The Honourable CHOY So-yuk, JP (Hong Kong Island)

The Honourable Andrew CHENG Kar-foo (New Territories East)

The Honourable TAM Yiu-chung, GBS, JP (New Territories West)

The Honourable Albert CHAN Wai-yip (New Territories West)

The Honourable Frederick FUNG Kin-kee, SBS, JP (Kowloon West)

The Honourable Audrey EU Yuet-mee, SC, JP (Hong Kong Island)

The Honourable LEE Wing-tat (New Territories West)

The Honourable LI Kwok-ying, MH, JP (New Territories East)

The Honourable MA Lik, GBS, JP (Hong Kong Island)

The Honourable Alan LEONG Kah-kit, SC (Kowloon East)

The Honourable LEUNG Kwok-hung (New Territories East)

The Honourable CHEUNG Hok-ming, SBS, JP (New Territories West)

The Honourable Ronny TONG Ka-wah, SC (New Territories East)

The Honourable Albert Jinghan CHENG (Kowloon East)

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