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Births and Deaths

Birth and death registrations in Hong Kong are governed by the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance. Parents must register the birth of their child in Hong Kong with the Registrar of Births and Deaths within 42 days during which registration is free of charge. A fee is charged if the birth is registered after 42 days. Registration beyond 12 months after the birth of the child requires the consent of the registrar. During the year, 37 births required the consent for post-registration. There are four district birth registries providing birth registration service to the public.

Deaths from natural causes should be registered by relatives within 24 hours. Hong Kong has three death registries providing free service, and death may also be registered at one of the 15 designated police stations in the New Territories and outlying islands.

During the year, 65 195 live births and 37 415 deaths were registered, compared with 57 124 and 38 683 respectively in 2005.

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