Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 20:
Population and Immigration
Immigration Department
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Nationality Matters
Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Outside Hong Kong
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Nationality Matters

The Immigration Department is authorised by the Central People's Government to handle Chinese nationality applications from Hong Kong residents. Applications can be made either by post or in person. Overseas applications can be made through the nearest Chinese diplomatic or consular missions. Under the law, Hong Kong residents of Chinese descent born in Chinese territories, including Hong Kong, are Chinese nationals, regardless of whether or not they hold foreign passports. Those who want to be treated as foreign nationals in the HKSAR must make a declaration of change of nationality to the Immigration Department. During the year, the Immigration Department received 64 applications for declaration of change of nationality, 1 840 applications for naturalisation as Chinese nationals, 91 applications for renunciation of Chinese nationality and 16 applications for restoration of Chinese nationality.

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