Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 18:
Religion and Custom
Traditional Festivals
Muslim Community
Hindu Community
Sikh Community
Jewish Community
Other Faiths
Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese
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Hindu Community

The religious and social activities of the 40 000-strong Hindu community take place mainly in the Hindu Temple in Happy Valley. The Hindu Association of Hong Kong is responsible for the upkeep of the temple, which is used for meditation, spiritual lectures and community activities, including yoga classes and observance of major Hindu festivals such as Diwali, Dussehra and Holi. Engagement and marriage ceremonies (in accordance with the Marriage Ordinance) are performed in the temple according to Hindu rites. Other important services include the administration of last rites, making arrangements for cremation and related ceremonies and the maintenance of the Hindu crematorium at Cape Collinson.

Devotional music sessions and religious discourses are held every Sunday morning, followed by a free community meal which is also served on Monday evenings.

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