Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 18:
Religion and Custom
Traditional Festivals
Muslim Community
Hindu Community
Sikh Community
Jewish Community
Other Faiths
Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese
Table of Contents Constitution and Administration The Legal System The Economy Financial and Monetary Affairs Commerce and Industry Employment Education Health Food Safety, Environmental Hygiene, Agriculture and Fisheries Social Welfare Housing Land, Public Works and Utilities Transport The Environment Travel and Tourism Public Order Communications, the Media and Information Technology Religion and Custom Recreation, Sport and the Arts Population and Immigration History Appendices PRINT

Confucianism is a belief in the teachings of Confucius, who lived in ancient China from 551 to 479 BC. His teachings are based on a moral code for human relations which emphasises the importance of tradition and rites. He was one of the most eminent thinkers of the time, a great sage and educator whose philosophy has deeply influenced the political, economic and social systems of China through the ages. He has also been hailed as an exemplary mentor for all ages. Confucianism's main feast day is Confucius's birthday, on the 27th day of the eighth lunar month. The Confucian Academy, a leading Confucian organisation in Hong Kong, is staging a campaign to make this day a public holiday.

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