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Chapter 13:
Administrative Framework
Transport Strategy and Policy Objectives
Railway Development and Railway Development Strategy 2000
Transport Infrastructure
Public Transport
Transport and Environment
Cross-boundary Traffic
The Port
Port Development
Hong Kong Port Development Council
Hong Kong Maritime Industry Council
Maritime Industry
Port Administration
Port Services and Facilities
Participation in International Shipping Activities
Government Fleet
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Marine Facilities
International Transport and Logistics Hub
Civil Aviation
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Administrative Framework

The Environment, Transport and Works Bureau of the Government Secretariat, headed by the Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works, is responsible for, among other matters, the overall policy formulation, direction and coordination of land transport and ferry services. The Secretary is assisted by the Transport Advisory Committee, which advises the Chief Executive in Council on major transport policies and issues. The committee has 18 members, including the chairman and three government officials. A Transport Complaints Unit is established under the committee. In 2006, this unit received 20 248 complaints and suggestions on traffic and transport matters. On local transport matters, the Government is advised by the District Councils and their traffic and transport committees.

The bureau is supported by the Transport Department and the Highways Department. The Transport Department, headed by the Commissioner for Transport, is the authority for administering the Road Traffic Ordinance and legislation regulating public transport operations. Its responsibilities cover transport planning, road traffic and tunnel management, car parks and metered parking spaces, regulation of roads, railways and waterborne public transport, licensing of drivers and registration, and licensing and inspection of vehicles. The Highways Department, headed by the Director of Highways, is responsible for the overall design and construction of highways, and their repair and maintenance. The department also studies new railway proposals, monitors their construction and helps to resolve any interface problems they may have with other works projects.

The Hong Kong Police Force is the principal agency for enforcing traffic legislation and prosecuting offenders. The Prosecutions Unit of the Transport Department handles prosecutions involving disqualification under the Driving Offence Points System, investigation of and enforcement against unauthorised non-franchised bus services and breaches of vehicle safety regulations, government tunnel regulations and Tsing Ma Control Area regulations.

Transport Tribunals, set up under the Road Traffic Ordinance with a chairman and members appointed from among members of the public, provide a channel of appeal against decisions made by the Commissioner for Transport in respect of the registration and licensing of vehicles, the issue of hire car permits and passenger service licences, and the designation of car-testing centres, vehicle emission testing centres, driving schools and driving improvement schools. The Transport Department also operates an Emergency Transport Coordination Centre, which handles traffic and transport incidents and provides a focal point for liaison with other government departments and public transport operators on traffic and transport arrangements.

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