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Chapter 5:
Commerce and Industry
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The Manufacturing Sector
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Small and Medium Enterprises
Promotion of Innovation and Technology
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Professional Services Development Assistance Scheme
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Trade Documentation
Hong Kong Awards for Industries
Trade and Industrial Support Organisations
Standards and Conformance Services
Human Resources, Technical Education and Industrial Training
Consumer Protection
Trade in Endangered Species
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Standards and Conformance Services

The Innovation and Technology Commission's services in the areas of metrology, documentary standards and accreditation provide the technical foundation for Hong Kong's standards and conformance infrastructure.

The Standards and Calibration Laboratory is the official custodian of Hong Kong's physical measurement reference standards. It provides a comprehensive calibration service traceable to the International System of Units. It is a signatory to the Mutual Recognition Arrangement for National Metrology Institutes and its calibration certificates are internationally recognised.

The Product Standards Information Bureau disseminates information relating to documentary standards. It operates a public library and provides sales and a free advice service. The bureau represents HKSAR in regional and international standardisation bodies and coordinates Hong Kong's input to APEC on standards and conformance matters. It is Hong Kong's Enquiry Point and Notification Authority under the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade.

The Hong Kong Accreditation Service grants accreditation status to laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies evaluated to be competent through rigorous on-site technical assessments according to international standards and best practices. The service is active in international and regional accreditation cooperations. Through its mutual recognition arrangements, the results of tests, calibrations, certifications and inspections conducted by accredited organisations are recognised worldwide, thus facilitating various business and trading activities.



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