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Chapter 5:
Commerce and Industry
Merchandise Trade Performance
The Manufacturing Sector
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External Investment
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Small and Medium Enterprises
Promotion of Innovation and Technology
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Professional Services Development Assistance Scheme
Business Facilitation
Trade Documentation
Hong Kong Awards for Industries
Trade and Industrial Support Organisations
Standards and Conformance Services
Human Resources, Technical Education and Industrial Training
Consumer Protection
Trade in Endangered Species
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Small and Medium Enterprises

Manufacturing businesses in Hong Kong employing less than 100 people and non-manufacturing businesses with less than 50 are regarded as SMEs. There are about 276 000 SMEs in Hong Kong, representing about 98 per cent of all local enterprises and employing more than 1.18 million people. SMEs are the driving force of economic growth and the Government is committed to helping them develop.

Three SME funding schemes — the Loan Guarantee Scheme, the Export Marketing Fund and the Development Fund — are in place to help SMEs secure loans from financial institutions, expand overseas markets and enhance overall competitiveness.

The Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS) of the Trade and Industry Department provides free business information and consultation services for SMEs. Through SUCCESS' Business Advisory Service and SME Mentorship Programme, SMEs can obtain free advice on business operation from experienced businessmen or professionals.








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