Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 1:
Constitution and Administration
Role of the Chief Executive
The System of Government
- Executive Council
The System of Government
- Legislative Council
The System of Government
- District Administration
The Electoral System
HKSAR's External Affairs
Working Relationship of the HKSARG with the MFA Office
Working Relationship with the Mainland Authorities
Office of the HKSAR Government in Beijing
Advisory and Statutory Bodies
Structure of the Administration
Official Languages
Government Records Service
Office of The Ombudsman
Office of the Director of Audit
Home Pages
Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese
Table of Contents Constitution and Administration The Legal System The Economy Financial and Monetary Affairs Commerce and Industry Employment Education Health Food Safety, Environmental Hygiene, Agriculture and Fisheries Social Welfare Housing Land, Public Works and Utilities Transport The Environment Travel and Tourism Public Order Communications, the Media and Information Technology Religion and Custom Recreation, Sport and the Arts Population and Immigration History Appendices PRINT
Government Records Service

The Government Records Service (GRS) manages government records and provides a range of records and archival management services. GRS develops and oversees the implementation of records management policies and systems. It gives guidance and provides training to government departments on best practice in records management. It operates two Records Centres for storage of inactive government records and an ISO 9001:2000 certified Microfilm Centre providing microfilming services for government departments and agencies.

With the growing need for proper management of electronic records, GRS is currently studying the feasibility of managing multi-media records and materials through electronic record-keeping systems.

GRS appraises, acquires, preserves and provides access to records of enduring value from public and private sources. Through its public programmes and reference services, it encourages understanding, use and protection of Hong Kong's documentary heritage. Its Central Preservation Library for Government Publications contains a wealth of printed materials for research and study of Hong Kong. Members of the public can visit the purpose-built archival facilities in the Hong Kong Public Records Building at 13 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong or use its online service at www.grs.gov.hk.


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