Hong Kong 2006
Chapter 1:
Constitution and Administration
Role of the Chief Executive
The System of Government
- Executive Council
The System of Government
- Legislative Council
The System of Government
- District Administration
The Electoral System
HKSAR's External Affairs
Working Relationship of the HKSARG with the MFA Office
Working Relationship with the Mainland Authorities
Office of the HKSAR Government in Beijing
Advisory and Statutory Bodies
Structure of the Administration
Official Languages
Government Records Service
Office of The Ombudsman
Office of the Director of Audit
Home Pages
Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese
Table of Contents Constitution and Administration The Legal System The Economy Financial and Monetary Affairs Commerce and Industry Employment Education Health Food Safety, Environmental Hygiene, Agriculture and Fisheries Social Welfare Housing Land, Public Works and Utilities Transport The Environment Travel and Tourism Public Order Communications, the Media and Information Technology Religion and Custom Recreation, Sport and the Arts Population and Immigration History Appendices PRINT
Official Languages

Chinese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong. It is the Government's policy to develop and maintain a civil service that is proficient in both written Chinese and English and conversant in Cantonese, Putonghua and spoken English. While major documents of public interest issued by the Government are available in both languages, correspondence with individual members of the public is always in the language appropriate to the recipient.

The Official Languages Division of the Civil Service Bureau monitors the implementation of the Government's language policy in the civil service. It offers a wide range of language support services to government bureaux and departments. Besides providing translation, interpretation, drafting and editing services, the division also facilitates the effective use of official languages in the civil service by providing it with language research and advisory support. This includes the provision of a telephone hotline for answering questions on language use; compilation of writing aids and reference materials, such as guidebooks on official Chinese writing and English-Chinese glossaries of terms commonly used in government departments; and the holding of language-related activities such as seminars and competitions. Furthermore, a quarterly publication on language and culture, entitled Word Power is distributed to all departments. Some of the publications and reference materials produced by the division can be found on the Civil Service Bureau website www.csb.gov.hk.


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