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Constitution and Administration
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Advisory and Statutory Bodies

The network of advisory and statutory bodies is a distinctive feature of the system of government. It seeks to obtain, through consultation with interested groups and individuals in the community, the best possible advice on which to base decisions or to perform statutory functions.

Advisory bodies give advice to the Government through a Principal Official or a Head of Department. A few advisory bodies tender their advice directly to the Chief Executive. Their areas of activities are wide-ranging. Some of the advisory bodies, such as the Telecommunications Standards Advisory Committee, deal with the interests of a particular industry. Others advise on a particular area of government policy, such as the Transport Advisory Committee. Some advisory bodies, such as the District Fight Crime Committees and Area Committees, deal essentially with district affairs. Statutory bodies perform their functions according to the relevant legislation. Some of them, such as the Hospital Authority, perform executive functions.

Government officials and members of the public are represented in these bodies. Over 5 000 members of the public are serving on about 500 bodies. These people are appointed in view of their specialist knowledge or expertise, their record or interest in contributing to community service, and the specific needs of the concerned bodies. Many of them are also nominees or representatives from organisations in different sectors.

The Government oversees the operation of the advisory and statutory bodies to ensure that they meet the needs of the community. A reasonable turnover of membership is generally maintained to keep up the inflow of new ideas. The Government will continue to enhance participation of various sectors in the work of advisory and statutory bodies as well as promote the public's understanding of their work through a number of transparency measures.

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