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HKSAR's External Affairs

The HKSAR continues to play an active role in the international arena and maintains close contact with its international partners.

Since July 1, 1997, the HKSAR Government has, on its own, concluded 10 international agreements with foreign states and regions on matters such as customs cooperation, cooperation in information technology and avoidance of double taxation in accordance with Article 151 of the Basic Law. It has also obtained the CPG's authorisation to conclude 73 bilateral agreements with foreign states in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Law, comprising 34 on air services, 11 on visa abolition, three on readmission of persons, 23 on reciprocal juridical assistance, one on investment promotion and protection, and one on avoidance of double taxation. More than 200 multilateral conventions are applicable to the HKSAR, about 75 of which do not apply to the Mainland.

In 2003, representatives of the HKSAR Government participated as members of delegations of the PRC about 80 times in international conferences limited to states, including those organised by the International Telecommunication Union, World Intellectual Property Organisation, International Monetary Fund, Universal Postal Union and International Labour Organisation. Representatives of the HKSAR Government, using the name 'Hong Kong, China', also participated more than 560 times in inter-governmental conferences not limited to states, including those organised by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, World Trade Organisation, World Customs Organisation and World Meteorological Organisation. Active participation in international activities has enabled the HKSAR to maintain its status as an international financial, trade, civil aviation and shipping centre.

In 2003, the HKSAR played host to a number of prominent events, including the BusinessWeek CEO Conference, the Conference on International Cooperation for Tourism Development under a New Paradigm and the ICAC-Interpol Conference.

At year-end, a total of 114 foreign states maintained an official or semi-official presence in the HKSAR, including 56 consulates general, 53 honorary consuls and five semi-official (mostly trade) missions. In addition, international organisations — such as the Bank for International Settlements, the European Union, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Monetary Fund, the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank — have set up offices in the HKSAR.

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