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Office of the HKSAR Government in Beijing

The Beijing Office was established in March 1999 in accordance with Article 22 of the Basic Law. Its main role is to further enhance liaison and communication between the HKSAR Government and the CPG and other Mainland authorities.

Through its liaison work, the Beijing Office provides an accurate and up-to-date picture of the HKSAR to the CPG, other Mainland authorities, non-governmental bodies and Mainland residents. It keeps the relevant bureaux and departments of the HKSAR Government informed about the latest developments in the Mainland. This enables the HKSAR Government to have a better understanding of the policies and practices in the Mainland and to evaluate their possible implications for Hong Kong. Acting on instructions of the bureaux and departments of the HKSAR Government, the Beijing Office takes necessary action with the Mainland authorities on specific issues. The Beijing Office also provides logistical support to visiting delegations of the HKSAR Government. The office handles enquiries, and also requests for assistance concerning Hong Kong residents in the Mainland. In 2003, the office handled a total of 609 trade, economic and general enquiries and requests for assistance.

The Beijing Office regularly organises activities to promote Hong Kong in the Mainland with a view to enhancing the Mainland's understanding of Hong Kong's systems and latest developments, strengthening trade and economic links, and facilitating exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland. In 2003, the Beijing Office organised two large-scale promotional events in Fujian and Zhejiang, to project Hong Kong's image and assist its business and professional sectors in exploring opportunities in the Mainland market.

During the outbreak of SARS, the Beijing Office collected and disseminated, to Hong Kong and to relevant contacts in the Mainland, useful information affecting Hong Kong residents living or doing business in the Mainland, and assisted in the post-SARS economic relaunching of Hong Kong in the Mainland. Major efforts included promotional campaigns in Beijing, Fujian and Zhejiang, as well as nation-wide publicity drives through the mass media.

With the support of the China National Radio, the Beijing Office continued to broadcast a weekly radio programme to keep the residents in the southern part of the Mainland abreast of the latest situation in Hong Kong. The programme, in Cantonese, is estimated to have reached an audience of at least 1.5 million in that area.

In addition, the Beijing Office handles immigration matters. It processes applications for entry to Hong Kong and conducts negotiations on visa-free access with foreign diplomatic missions in Beijing. The office also provides practical assistance to Hong Kong residents in distress in the Mainland, and on request handles cases involving the detention of Hong Kong residents in the Mainland. During the year, the office handled 219 such cases.

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