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Information Technology

Implementation of the Technical Infrastructure (TI) and Client Information System (CIS) projects in the department started in June. The TI includes setting up a corporate-wide network and facilities to support communication and deployment of information technology (IT) applications and joint initiatives. The CIS will provide a workflow-based database which collects and shares client data across the department for case management and service planning purposes. The TI and CIS will be completed in 2005-06.

IT Strategy for the Social Welfare Sector

The Joint Committee on Information Technology for the Social Welfare Sector endorsed the revised IT strategy in October. It sets out the framework for exploiting IT to underpin the corporate governance and business development of NGOs and encourages sharing of IT knowledge, experience and applications.

At year-end, Lotteries Fund grants totalling about $203 million were approved for implementing 29 IT development projects in the social welfare sector.