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The Government's mission is to enhance
the well-being of every member of the
community and to build a caring society,
by providing a safety net comprising a
wide range of welfare services to help
those least able to help themselves. In
2004, major achievements included
strengthening support for families in
need, transforming all family services
centres and counselling units into
Integrated Family Service Centres,
intensifying support for self-reliance
programmes and establishing the
Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged.

The Government is advised by the Social Welfare Advisory Committee on social welfare policy, the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee on matters of rehabilitation, the Elderly Commission on services for elders and the Women's Commission on a strategic overview of women's issues. The Health, Welfare and Food Bureau is responsible for formulating welfare policies and overseeing the implementation of these policies executed by the Social Welfare Department (SWD).

In 2004, total expenditure of SWD was $32.4 billion, of which $23.3 billion (71.9 per cent) was for financial assistance payments, $6.6 billion (20.4 per cent) for recurrent subventions to non-governmental organisations, and the remaining $2.5 billion (7.7 per cent) for departmental expenditure, including $0.5 billion for hire of services.