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Trade Documentation

As a free port, the HKSAR maintains minimal import and export documentation requirements. Most products do not need licences to enter or leave Hong Kong. Licences or notifications are only required if the HKSAR needs to fulfil its international obligations, to protect public health, safety, environment, or intellectual property rights, or to ensure Hong Kong's unrestricted access to high technologies and hi-tech products. Products that require import or export licences include textiles and clothing, strategic commodities, rice, chilled or frozen meat and poultry, pharmaceutical products and medicines, pesticides, radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus, left-hand-drive vehicles, ozone-depleting substances, and optical disc mastering and replication equipment.

The HKSAR maintains a certification of origin system to facilitate its exports to overseas markets. The Trade and Industry Department administers this system and issues certificates of origin. In addition, the Government has designated five organisations to issue certificates of origin — the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.

Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS)

To maintain Hong Kong's competitiveness in the global business community, the Government has been promoting the wider adoption of electronic commerce in the trading community since the early 1990s.

Global e-Trading Services Limited and Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited are currently the service providers providing front-end services for the electronic submission and processing of certain official trade-related documents. Such services are known as the Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) and are available for seven government-related trade documents: restrained textiles export licence, import and export declaration, production notification, certificate of origin, dutiable commodities permit, cargo manifest (excluding road mode of transport), and notification under the Textiles Trader Registration Scheme.

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