Table 3

(Chapter 3: The Economy)

Balance of Payments Account
HK$ Million
      2001 @ 2002 @
Current Account Balance     95,795   136,348  
  Balance on goods     64,970   40,019  
  Balance on services     133,468   163,419  
  Net income flow     41,174   27,423  
  Net flow in current transfers     13,878   14,475  
Capital and Financial Account Balance     97,359   191,417  
  Net flow in capital transfers     9,155   15,725  
  Net change(1) in financial non-reserve assets     51,674   194,233  
    Direct investment     96,948   31,007  
    Portfolio investment     322,045   290,749  
    Financial derivatives     39,640   10,616  
    Other investment     133,783   116,906  
  Net change(1) in reserve assets     36,530   18,541  
Net Errors and Omissions(2)     1,565   55,069  
Overall Balance of Payments     36,530   18,541  
      (in surplus)   (in deficit)  
Notes: In accordance with the Balance of Payments accounting rules, a positive value for the balance figure in the current account represents a surplus whereas a negative value represents a deficit. For the capital and financial account, a positive value indicates a net capital and financial inflow and a negative value indicates a net outflow. As increases in external assets are debit entries and decreases are credit entries, a negative value for net change in reserve assets represents a net increase and a positive value represents a net decrease.
In line with the latest major revision of GDP data series, figures presented in this table have been revised and hence may be different from those presented in earlier editions.
  (1) The estimates on net change in reserve and non-reserve assets under the Balance of Payments framework are transaction figures. Effects from valuation changes (including price changes and exchange rate changes) and reclassifications are excluded.
  (2) In principle, the net sum of credit entries and debit entries is zero. In practice, discrepancies between the credit and debit entries may however occur for various reasons as the data are collected from many sources. Equality between the sum of credit entries and debit entries is brought about by the inclusion of a balancing item which reflects net errors and omissions.
Source: Balance of Payments Branch (1), Census and Statistics Department.
(Enquiry Telephone No.: 2116 8677)