Government Flying Service

The Government Flying Service (GFS) is a disciplined service providing flying support to departments and agencies of the Government. It also serves the community by providing a 24-hour air ambulance service and participating in search and rescue operations.

    The GFS operates a mixed aircraft fleet of two Jetstream J-41 aeroplanes and nine helicopters including six Sikorsky S-76 and three S-70 (Black Hawk) helicopters. In 2002, the GFS helicopter fleet underwent a phased replacement programme with the eventual introduction of eight new helicopters three Eurocopter AS332 L2s (Super Pumas) and five Eurocopter EC155B1s (Dauphines) to further enhance the service capabilities of the department. During the year, the GFS flew a total of 6 578 hours in support of its clients and training for the complex roles undertaken. The organisation is staffed by 181 disciplined and 61 general grades personnel. The GFS is based at the Hong Kong International Airport where it carries out all of its maintenance work.

    The GFS undertakes a wide variety of roles which include supporting the Police Force in law enforcement duties, assisting the Fire Services Department by water-bombing hill fires, and assisting the Lands Department in aerial mapping and survey. In 2002, the GFS also transported 1 998 patients to hospital by helicopter, assisted in 353 search and rescue operations and flew approximately 12 750 government officers and official visitors in the course of their duties or programmes.

    In 2002, the GFS continued to enhance its emergency air medical service by recruiting 'flying nurses' to work with the 'flying doctors'. The volunteer doctors and nurses provide a valuable service by bringing immediate medical expertise to the patients. During the year, the doctors and nurses flew a total of 242 hours in 346 operations.

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