The government seeks to promote and facilitate the progressive adoption
of the International Systems of Units (SI) in Hong Kong. The Metrication
Ordinance, enacted in 1976, provides for the eventual replacement of
non-metric units by SI units in all legislation in the HKSAR. Government
departments use metric units exclusively.

The Metrication Committee, comprising representatives of industry,
commerce, management and consumer bodies, and government officials,
is the focal point of liaison on all matters concerning metrication. It
advises on and encourages the commercial and industrial sectors to
develop metrication programmes.

During the year, the committee continued to direct its efforts towards the
retail sector and young families. A Best Metrication Ambassador Team
Competition was organised for scouts and students in order to increase
their awareness of the adoption of metrication in their daily life. In August
1997, the committee took part in the 8th Food Expo. Metric conversion
dials distributed and educational games at the Metrication Committee
counter in the Food Expo were well received by thousands of visitors.
Forty-eight scouts and students were appointed Metrication Ambassadors
during the year in appreciation of their contribution towards various
promotional activities organised by the committee.


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